Falcon Ridge 12 Inch Manual Wiper


Falcon Ridge

  • $ 45.99

SKU: 50-50000KIT

Falcon Ridge Universal Fit for Any Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield.

For ANY Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield (Hard Coated Poly Only!!)

Installation requires drilling one 1/2” hole your windshield.  Please read directions carefully and install AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Only attempt to install on hard coated polycarbonate windshields. Acrylic windshields will most likely crack if you attempt to install this kit and will scratch. DO NOT attempt to install in glass, it will completely shatter.

Does your joy of riding include playing in the rain, snow, or mud?  We’ve got a “must add” accessory for those inclement or wet weather days—our 12″ Manual Wiper Kit.

This easy to install accessory, designed with bad weather or wet conditions in mind, works on your hard coated polycarbonate windshield. Our kit is a manual system with an ergonomically designed handle for a solid grip and offers easy operation with gloved or mittened hands (no more little plastic balls pretending to be a handle).

This wiper kit may be installed in a number of positions on your hard coated polycarbonate windshield with minimal modification required. Simply locate your desired location and drill one 1/2″ hole in your windshield for a perfect fit.

Easily wipe away rain, snow, or mud from your windshield with the 12″ automotive style wiper blade.  Need more coverage? No problem, simply replace the blade in the kit with a longer standard automotive wiper blade found at any number of stores.


  • Ergonomic Handle—For a solid grip during operation
  • Glass Filled Nylon Caps & Handles—For durability and strength in all weather conditions
  • Tension Spring—Maintains blade pressure along windshield surface for consistent sweep
  • 12″ Wiper Blade—Refills with any standard automotive wiper blade
  • Designed for use with hard-coated polycarbonate windshields. DO NOT USE on uncoated polycarbonate.