Triton D581 Wheel by Fuel UTV



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Fuel TRITON - D581 - UTV Wheel


4 Lug / Gloss Black w/Milled Accents


Polaris 4x156 Bolt Pattern

CanAm 4x136/137 Bolt Pattern

Kawasaki 4x136/137 Bolt Pattern


16x7, 18 lbs 

18x7, 22 lbs

20x7, 26 lbs

22x7, 30 lbs

24x7, 32 lbs


13mm = 4+3

Load Rating 1000lbs

Includes Center Cap


Part Number: Size: Pattern: Offset: Weight: Load: Finish:
D5811670A544 16x7 4x156 13mm 18lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5811670A644 16x7 4x136/137 13mm 18lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5811870A544 18x7 4x156 13mm 22lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5811870A644 18x7 4x136/137 13mm 22lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5812070A544 20x7 4x156 13mm 26lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5812070A644 20x7 4x136/137 13mm 26lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5812270A544 22x7 4x156 13mm 30lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5812270A644 22x7 4x136/137 13mm 30lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5812470A544 24x7 4x156 13mm 32lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL
D5812470A644 24x7 4x136/137 13mm 32lbs 1000 NBL-GlossBLKMIL


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CB 2/14/2022