Halo Locker Locking Front Differential Kit for Can-Am

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4 Year Warranty
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Halo Lockers is the industries first push button locker for your Can-Am UTV
On a stock machine when one of the front wheels encounters an obstacle it will cease to pull and the other wheel will spin.
The halo locker allows full control of your traction. Push the locker actuation switch mounted in your dash and all 4 wheels will pull allowing optimal traction in all situations.
This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your factory front differential.
Fits: Can-Am Maverick X3 & Defender
         All Other Can-Am including SXS and Quads
Please view the video to see why you need a Halo Locker. Note: video shows X3 without locker.

Halo Locker Technical Info:

CanAm X3 and Defenders all take the same Halo locker that can be purchased from Pro UTV Parts. I have them in stock. Can Am machines other than X3 and Defender please see the other Can AM machine info below:

Other Can AM machines manufactured before May 2014 requires machining and welding in the stock case for locker installation. The case must be shipped to Halo Locker for locker installation. $1365 includes return shipping. Please contact Halo Locker

Other CanAm machines manufactured after May 2014 requires machining of the stock case for locker installation. The case must be shipped to Halo Locker for locker installation. $1165 includes return shipping. Please contact Halo Locker

How the Halo Locker works:

When the locker is “open” it works the same as your stock locker does for fire roads and normal driving. This is because of the spider gears in the differential allows 3 wheel drive when you engage the CanAm 4X4 switch on the dash. This allows traction alternating from side to side like a normal 4X4 truck differential as traction varies through the terrain you are driving on.

When the locker is “locked” by pushing the Halo Locker switch as well as the CanAm 4X4 switch the front differential is locked. A locked differential is true 4 wheel drive. All four tires will turn at the same time. Engage the Halo locker when extra traction is needed because one front wheel is spinning.

Caution do not engage the Halo Locker under power. Mechanical damage may result. Engage the Halo locker before you need it when all 4 tires are moving the same speed or stopped. It is best to engage Halo lockers when stopped. Halo Lockers can be disengaged at any time; however, it is best to disengage when stopped.


Here is a short video clip on how the Halo Works:



Halo Install Videos:



Please call us at 801 367 1395 if you have any questions about this setup and the difference it will make in your machine.

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