Harness Hardware Kit for Yamaha YXZ by Dragonfire



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When you think YXZ you think fast! No wonder one of the first things we thought to add to this high-powered car was a set of DragonFire Harnesses. As the saying goes if you can’t do it right, why do it at all and that was the case with most harnesses we tested out. The OEM mounting locations do not allow for the over-sized tabs found on the lap belt of a 4-point harness to mount properly. So we have come up with a Hardware Kit that will make installing harnesses the right way easy as can be. Re-locating the lap belt tabs to allow for ideal fitment using Chromoly Steel tabs and Grade 8 Hardware for strength. Two kits make this job even easier! The harness shoulder straps also require the use of one Dragonfire Harness Hardware kit 14-5101 (click here for 14-5101 kit). Don’t just make due; make it right with DragonFire!
•   Kit includes 2 bolt-in tabs for lap belts and all necessary mounting hardware
•   Comes with tabs suitable for 2” or 3” Harnesses
•   Class 8.8 hardware included for superior strength
•   1 kit will outfit 2 seats
14-5100 Yahmaha YXZ 1000 R ALL