Ibexx - Can Am X3 P-Drive Clutch Kit.


  • $ 879.00

The Ibexx P-Drive Clutching is now available!

By utilizing the clicker system our clutch kits are now even easier to make adjustments for your upgrades and riding styles! The kits we have available for the P-Drive will cover all aspects of your riding. From wide open sand dunes to tight technical crawling and trails we have it covered! Put more power to the ground with our adjustable flyweights, and helix!

Included in the kit

  • Blue or Green series Weights (48 gram or 64 gram)
  • Helix
  • Primary Spring (Dirt and Rock kit)
  • Secondary Spring
  • Helix Adjustment tools
  • Magnets


*Due to supply chain issues, we have a limited quantity available right now. We will be fulfilling orders as we receive inventory, please note shipping times may be delayed when current inventory runs out. If you have questions on availability, please call us and we can give you an updated ETA on shipping times. 

jds 4/11/23