Infinite Offroad (UTV) - RGB+W Ultimate Custom Kit

Infinite Offroad

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Our custom kit allows you to custom build a plug and play kit using using a mix of our all new best in class 12w pods and our new Lux 6w magnetic wide angle pods. Our 12w pods are the brighest on the market and our Lux 6w magnetic pods are very small, extremely bright and one of the widest output pattern on the market for exceptional coverage on the frame or hard to reach locations. You can also add your choice of plug and play RGB+W whips as well.   Our plug and play kit can run off one controller and doesn't require boosters, additional controllers or pre set wiring. You can plug it in how ever and where ever you like.


Custom Kit Includes: 

- UTV - RGB+W rock light kit, controller, plug & play wiring kit

- 2 x 12" strips for your grill or accent area

- CHOICE OF: (0, 4, 8 ,or 12pcs) - 12w  pods

- CHOICE OF: (0, 4, 8, or 12pcs) - 6w Lux magnetic pods

- CHOICE OF: (Pair 2ft to 5ft RGB+W whips)





The brightest, toughest and best value rock light kit on the market is also the industries first RGB+W rock light with a dedicated pure white emitter.  Our products are also covered by the best warranty in the business, a 25 yr if you can break it, we replace it warranty (includes accidental damage).


Our RGB+W pods integrate high output 4 color RGB+W emitters under an optical blending and magnification lens producing the brightest output, richest colors and widest pattern of any rock light on the market.  Most competitors do not have a dedicated white emitter and only 1 LED per color or the colors are separated.  This makes a rainbow effect when producing white and other colors.  Don't be fooled by other kits requiring 4-6 times more lights to match the output of our 4-piece kit.


Our plug and play kit includes an RGB+W Bluetooth & RF Controller which allows dual control via app or hand held remote and saves hours of splicing wires.  Controller also includes brake override option which will turn the kit on and to red if it is wired to your positive brake wire as well as a white override function that can be used to turn the kit white with a dome switch or courtesy light.  Our large and small pods have an unbreakable machined ultra slim case with polycarbonate lens and our magnetic version has a clear ultra trough resin both will stand up to anything you can throw at it. Side wire design eliminates the need for adapter pucks required by others and allows for a very low profile flush mount, it also allows use of 3m heavy duty or 3m VHB double sided tape (not provided) to mount and avoid drilling holes (Cannot be used on magnetic mount pods).



    Requires phone to use BT control via BLEDIM app.  Also includes extra RF remote, remote does not require line of sight it is paired with the controller. 


    Download app “BLEDIM” in the app store.

    • Download app “BLEDIM” in the app store.
    • DO NOT connect to the device in your phone settings menu 
    • Once connected you can adjust/create colors and patterns as well as turn on and off, the controller should retain the last used setting when powered off then back on.

    RF HANDHELD REMOTE PAIR OR LOCK REMOTE: To pair the remote if connection lost or lock it so other remotes cannot control.  

    • Hold green power button.
    • Remove fuse from controller for 5 seconds, place back in.
    • Continue to hold green power button for 3 seconds

    BRAKE/RED OVER RIDE: Connect blue wire to brake power wire, this will turn on red even if the lights are turned off and will override any current color if already on, we suggest placing on its own switch to only activate when you want it to.

    COURTESY WHITE OVER RIDE: Connect white wire to switch or courtesy lights, this will turn on white even if the lights are turned off and will override any current color if already on.  

    *Additional instructions can be downloaded*

    SS 9/16/22 | 11/15/22