Maverick Race Radius Rods By CT Raceworx

Maverick Race Radius Rods By CT Raceworx


CT Raceworx

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We use only the best joints on the market which are JMX series FK 5/8 rod end. These joints use a fabric based teflon liner known as a PTFE liner. The inner joint housing is compressed to create a preload on the ball that will stay tight roughly 3 times longer than a standard injected teflon rod end.

Our misalignment spacers are 303 stainless steel so corrosion isn't an issue.

The length is cut to have maximum thread engagement on the rod end while still keeping full adjustment.

The biggest change in our rear tie rods is the frame side mounting bolt. BRP for some reason formed roughly a 11.1mm hole for a 10mm bolt. Over time the factory bolt will stretch, loosen up and allow it to move side to side elongating the hole. Now the average hole is cut somewhere around .008 for the bolt to slip in and out of and for slight variation in bolt diameters. This hole is about .043 bigger than the 10mm bolt so a 7/16 (11.1mm) bolt fits like it was made for it. With that being said, ours are built and sent with a 7/16 grade 8 bolt.  The aluminum links are 1-1/8" solid 7075 aluminum and have a lifetime warranty.

Sold in pairs