Maverick X3 Billet Proof Radius Rod Plate with Tow Ring and Steel Plate by CT Raceworx


CT Raceworx

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SKU: CT-X3-1221

We've taken 2 different grades of aluminum to create the nicest and strongest billet aluminum tow ring ever put on a UTV!

The base plate starts out as a piece of 1.25" thick 6061 T6 aluminum.  When machining is done it is still 1.25" at the thickest point and the majority of the way through the plate for maximum strength and rigidity.  Next we machine the tow ring from a piece of 1.25" thick 7075 T6 aluminum which is roughly twice the strength of 6061 aluminum.  We choose this material because of the tow ring is going to see the most of the stress and we need the thread strength. The tow ring recesses into the face of the plate and is pressed into place, the 1/2" bolts come in from the back side and have 1.5" of thread engagement into the ring adding strength to the assembly. These plates are anodized black as an option, as well as the tow point, and then machined again in certain areas to give them a look so nice you can hang it on the wall.

We've added a steel plate to our origional design so you can have a weldable piece but still have the billet plate.  This plate is 3/16" thick and is held on by (4) 3/8" bolts with a enough room on the plate to weld a 1.75" tube on.  The back side of the plate is machined to fit the 3/8" nylock nuts in for ease of installation.