Maverick X3 Parking Brake by Spring Brake Thingy

Spring Brake Thingy

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Heavy Duty Parking Brake for your X3 - This brake does not have the added locking feature.   


2017-2018 X3 all

2019 version in stock (be sure to list the correct year, 2019+ is different than 17-18)


Installs in about 10 minutes, guaranteed the quickest and easiest install and use on the market.  

1. Remove 2 plastic rivets from fire wall.

2. Install brake assembly, insert supplied 1/4" bolts through each hole.

3. Install backing plate onto front of fire wall over the bolts. Install plate to match the shape of the fire wall.

4. Install supplied lock nuts and flat washers and tighten.

To operate, place brake petal with right foot, slide red locking arm over the brake pedal with left foot.  To release push the brake pedal.  

The parking brake assembly may appear to flex, this is due to the plastic fire wall not the brake hardware.  The parking brake will still function and hold the brake.

In stock for immediate delivery.

Note: This brake does NOT have the Locking feature

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