MB Quart Polaris Ranger Tuned Audio System for Ride Command (Stage 2)

MB Quart

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Part #: MBQRG-STG2-RC-1


Designed for select Polaris Ranger models 2018 and newer. These kits summon audio adventure on every journey. Crafted with OEM quality fit and finish with easy and simple Plug & Play installation.

MB Quart Polaris RANGER 2018-Current UTV Tuned Audio Package: Two Speaker 400 Watt STAGE 2 Audio System designed to integrate into the vehicle’s RIDE COMMAND source unit to control the system which includes one amplifier powering 2 coaxial speakers. All necessary mounting panels and harnessing are included.


Source Unit

  • SOURCE UNIT INTEGRATION: Adapters to integrate with Polaris RIDE COMMAND (The actual RIDE COMMAND source unit is NOT INCLUDED).

Front Speakers

  • The front 6.5 inch coaxial speakers are the NP1-116 two way speakers.

Front Speakers Mounting

  • High impact HDPE RANGER specific left & right speaker panels are an ultra-compact design that takes up minimal space.

Full Range Amplifier

  • NA2-400.2RC: 400 Watt Two Channel Class D, Compact Powersports Amplifier that has been engineered for superior integration with RIDE COMMAND.

Full Range Amplifier Mounting

  • RANGER amplifier mounting bracket is included.

Subwoofer Amplifier

  • NA2-400.1: High Efficiency, Class D 400 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier.

Subwoofer Amplifier Mounting

  • RANGER amplifier mounting bracket is included.


  • Full system harness capable of accommodating source unit, 2 amplifiers, which power 4 speakers, and the subwoofer.


  • MBQRG-ACC-1: RANGER Radio and Dual Amplifier Harness is included with the system.


Compatible Vehicle Fitment

  • Polaris RANGER 2018-Current with RIDE COMMAND

Compatible Product Models

  • Polaris RIDE COMMAND

Marine Grade Protection / IPX Rating

  • MB Quart has engineered a select group of UTV-tuned audio systems that are perfectly designed for the Polaris RANGER. It is essential that every component installed in a RANGER be torture tested to be as reliable as it can be in such a harsh environment. This system is made up of multiple components that have different IPX ratings. The speakers are IPX67 rated. The amplifiers are IPX5 rated.

Source Unit Features

  • Integration with RIDE COMMAND, a high-tech source unit with an off-road display that acts as the hub and integrates your phone, GPS, audio, and communication systems. The actual RIDE COMMAND source unit is NOT INCLUDED.

Speaker Features

  • These speakers are meticulously engineered to fit in the Polaris RANGER. They include a 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter that will deliver natural sounding high frequency response, while producing high volume. Injection molded composition Polypropylene cone produces impactful bass with minimal cone flex. The Composite (UV Resistant ASA+Fiberglass) frames are incredibly strong and lightweight. The entire assembly makes it as indestructible as the RANGER.

Amplifier Features

  • High Efficiency Class D Amplifier Compact Powersports Subwoofer Amplifier.

Mount / Harness

  • Plug and Play Harness. Waterproof Connectors with pre-measured wires. No guesswork, no installation mistakes.

Time and Tools

  • Standard hand tools are required. See the manual for time on each of the different components.

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