Motoalliance FIRESTORM Under Dash Heater - RZR 1000

Motoalliance FIRESTORM Under Dash Heater - RZR 1000


  • $ 399.99


FIRESTORM Pro UTV Cab Heater for Polaris RZR 1000s provide the flexibility of using your UTV comfortably in subzero temperatures. Windshields stay clear of frost and cab enclosures stay toasty warm. These complete heater kits are customized to include vehicle UTV specific mounting brackets, all hoses, stainless steel clamps, aluminum hose fittings, electrical connectors and accessories - No extra trips to the hardware store required.

- Thermostat Bypass Kit included
- Adjustable Temperature Settings on heater and 360-degree Louvers
- Three (3) adjustable fan speeds and heavy-duty squirrel cage fan
- Four (4) dedicated outlet ports to maximize airflow to the included defrost vents
- Built in shutoff valve
- High-grade radiator hose - rated -40 to 120 degree C
- High performance alloy Y connectors
- Highly efficient heat exchanger capable of 13,000 BTU at 0-125 CFM
- Includes all installation hardware and instructions
- Includes 3 Year Warranty

- 2014-2018 RZR & RZR-4 XP 1000 (XP1K)
- 2016-2018 RZR & RZR-4 XP1000 (XP1K) Turbo
- Note: will NOT work with 2019 models
- Note: will NOT work with RZR 1000-s or OEM wiper blade kits

SS 6/23/22