MTS Off-Road FOX UTV Nitrogen Reservoir Replacement End Caps (Set of 4)


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These are High Volume Nitrogen Reservoir Replacement Endcaps MTS Off-Road to replace the OEM needle-style fill endcaps found on Fox UTV shocks as on Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, etc.

These are designed to replace the OEM needle rubber nitrogen fill port style endcaps that are found on Fox UTV shocks, which are prone to leaking nitrogen and rendering the shock useless. The rubber pellet system is also semi-difficult to fill and unreliable.

Our MTS Off-Road replacement caps have an actual Schrader valve installed in them which are recessed into a pocket to protect them from trail damage. This protective feature also allows the shocks to be serviced and recharged using a standard no-loss chuck!

When replacing end caps make sure you wear eye protection and clean EVERYTHING! All surfaces must be completely free from dirt and debris. Reservoirs are under high pressure!

*Does not work with Walker Evans Shocks

*2.5" in diameter


ecs 9-11-23