Mud Flaps by ROKBLOKZ for Yamaha YXZ


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2016+ Yamaha YXZ1000R Kit:
Mud Flaps / Fender Extensions + Rear ROCK GUARDS.

  • Better protection from wheel spray off the front and rear wheels without taking away from the aggressive styling of your Yamaha YXZ1000R. 
  • Rear Hanging ROCK GUARDS, included FREE,  help to protect the rear end components (A-arms, shocks, CV boots, brakes, rims, etc.) from the front tire roost that can be extremely damaging.
  • Easily bends and flexes over rocks and terrain.
  • Light weight and extremely durable, engineered to endure the harshest environments from the desert heat to the arctic cold.
  • Won't crack or warp from temperature extremes.
  • Flexible but with a semi-rigid characteristic that allows them to retain their shape at speed and effectively block tire spray (we're not into flappy mud flaps) . Also resists getting sucked into the tire.
  • EZ Install! New custom anodized mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included.

ROKBLOKZ  mud flaps / fender extensions offer some badly needed wheel-spray protection for your Yamaha YXZ1000R. 
From desert racing to rock crawling, from sand dunes to wet mud, installing  ROKBLOKZ on your YXZ1000R will provide you with the additional coverage you want without taking away from the aggressive styling of your machine.
We designed our new  mud flaps / fender extensions to block the majority of tire spray from the riders and cargo while still retaining (maybe even enhancing?) the aggressive, pure-sport appearance of Yamaha's YXZ1000R.
The ROCK GUARDS (that we include free if you purchase the mud flap set or can be purchased separately) hang in front of the rear tires, effectively blocking the abrasive roost from the front tires from destroying the rear end components. 
The unique blend of polymers in ROKBLOKZ allow them to be extremely durable, flexible (but not flimsy), and light weight with a rigidity that all come together allowing the flaps to extend out enough to be effective, to retain their shape at speed instead of flapping around like a limp noodle, and also to bend, flex, scrape, drag and even slam into obstacles without breakage.  

Each RokBlokz Mud Flap/Fender Extension set for the 2016+ Yamaha YXZ1000R  comes with 2 FRONT and 2 REAR MUD FLAPS / FENDER EXTENSIONS + a pair of rear hanging ROCK GUARDS (included FREE). stainless steel and aluminum mounting hardware, and mounting instructions.
*You'll need to drill a few holes to mount these.*