2016 - 2022 HONDA PIONEER 1000 FENDER FLARES (3 SEAT MODEL) by Mudbusters


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MudBuster side-by-sides Fender Flares for the Honda Pioneer 1000 3 are a must have!  We currently offer 2 different front fender styles. Our adjustable front fenders will fit stock Pioneer 1000 front fenders AND Pioneers with Honda over-fenders installed!

Our standard front fender flares offer more coverage around the entire front fenders.  Our 1000-3 rear fenders consist of 4 adjustable fenders that block mud and water from getting into unwanted areas. They are also available in standard and extra coverage.

All of our fenders provide a smooth surface to make clean-up easy and almost effortless. 

  • Hardware and instructions included
  • Drilling required
  • Single replacement fenders are available for existing customers
  • The Honda over-fenders pictured are not included

MEASUREMENTS: The following measurements were taken from the body to the outside edge of the fenders. Extra coverage models are ideal for wheel spacers, aftermarket wheels, or vehicles with modified suspension components. We can also make custom width kits for vehicles with tracks (fees may apply).Standard front fenders: 2-1/2"Adjustable front fenders: up to 2-3/4" (can be installed with the Honda over-fenders)Rear Fenders: Adjustable from 1-5/8" - 2-1/4"Rear Fenders (Extra Coverage): Adjustable from 2-5/8" - 3-1/4"

Note: The vehicle in the pictures has our standard rear fenders installed. The upper rear fenders are adjusted out while the lower fenders are adjusted inward for a staggered appearance. Both can be adjusted to fit your needs! Our 'Extra Coverage' models are 1" wider than the standard model.


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JDS 12/21/2022