STX Strut by Off Road Innovations (ORI)

ORI Struts

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16" and 18" ORI STX in stock.

Please allow extra time for colors other than black.

ORI Struts Do Not Unload, or Push Off

As the strut extends, lower chamber pressures increase to reduce unloading and pushing off. This still allows for full articulation with increased stability. 

EZ to Tune and Fit, Work Awesome, and Look Great!

ORI's popular STX struts are known to be versatile and easy to tune for various riding styles including desert, rocks, or sand. The pressure in the lower portion of the strut allow for easy stability and spring rate control. They are light weight and low profile for racing, and have a great look. The ORI design dissipates heat during long rides. ORI Struts are smaller than coil overs for fitment in tight places. Great looks for your friends to admire.

Reservoir Options

Reservoir options are also available to add further functionality to the struts. These are a cheap and easy to install addition to the STX Strut. They offer a softer spring rate to help with heavier applications, often used to soften road characteristics, and dissipate heat better. These also help the wheels stuff easier, and make the ride less harsh all around. 

ORI Struts with Integral Reservoirs (click here for integral reservoirs)

Built with the racer and tuner in mind. The integral reservoirs give the struts an additional 24 position knob on the reservoir for compression tuning, progressive 4 stage compression valving, and features deep cooling fins on both the strut body and the reservoir for greatly improved heat dissipation. The Integral reservoirs also give the struts a greatly increased oil and nitrogen volume that softens the spring rate and gives the struts more compression oil for big hits. This model is available assembled or in a kit version from the factory. 

  STX Specs:

  • Tunable Dual pressurized chambers – lower chamber is pressurized to achieve stability and help prevent unloading. The upper chamber is pressurized to set ride height
  • 3 stage compression damping
    • 1st stage – compressed nitrogen
    • 2nd stage – 2.5 weight ultra light shock fluid
    • 3rd stage – 1” hydraulic bump stop
  • High load capacity – 1900lbs per strut
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 7 position externally adjustable rebound damping
  • End of stroke cushioning
  • Cooling fins - Improved design for heat dissipation
  • Internal hardened chrome steel cylinder
  • Spherical bearings for ½” & 5/8” mounting bolts
  • 5000 psi seals
  • Anodized outer coating – Prevents corrosion
  • Misalignment spacers sold separately

    3.25” (82.6 mm) Outside Diameter 

    Size         Extended        Compressed

      8"           22.6"              14.6"

    10"           26.6"              16.6"

    12"           30.6               18.6"

    14"           34.6"              20.6"

    16"           38.6"              22.6"

    18"           42.6"              24.6"

    20"           46.6"              26.6"

     Measurements from eye to eye 

    ORI Strut Travel Compressed Extended Weight

    STX08 8" 15.825" 23.2" 9.7 lbs.
    STX10 10" 17.825" 27.2" 10.9 lbs.
    STX12 12" 19.825" 31.2" 12.2 lbs.
    STX14 14" 21.825" 35.2" 13.4 lbs.
    STX16 16" 23.825" 39.2" 14.6 lbs.
    STX18 18" 25.825" 43.2" 16.0 lbs.
    STX20 20" 27.825" 47.2" 17.2 lbs.


    Shipping only 24.95 each in the lower 48 states.

    ecs 11-7-22