Packard Performance

  • $ 277.00
  • Save $ 120

Tired of trenching when you stab the throttle on your SXS? After extensive testing, Packard Performance is proud to release the Ultralight Tire lineup. Suitable for all performance side by sides ranging from mild to wild. 
  • Genuine 33"x13" tire size gives more ground clearance and floatation, allowing you to use the full potential of your car's suspension
  • 1"x1/2" steer rib to maximize steering response and turning radius
  • performance designed utilizing the best of compounds, tire ply, and profile to maximize performance
  • Recommended for all SXS's
  • 27lbs per tire

Typical weight loss on this front tire comp cut is 7-8lbs.  Comp cutting the tire does make the tire thin and increases risk of puncture.  Comp cut tires have no warranties. Comp cut tires may have small air leaks and is recommended to inject 8oz of liquid starch per tire

We do not exchange tires that have been comp cut or attempt comp cutting through other venders. If the vender cuts through the threading/tire a new tire must be purchased.

Fill tires 8-10 psi for optimal performance.

jds 7/6/23