Polaris RZR/Ace 325 Gear Reduction Set (reduces high, low, reverse)

3235450 & 3235451


  • $ 250.00
  • Save $ 41

Provides approximately 13% reduction in the Pro XP and other RZRs across high, low, and reverse. This gear reduction consists of Polaris part #’s 3235450 and 3235451 OEM reverse shaft, also known as the Polaris Ace 325 Gear Reduction.  This is a stage 2 gear reduction consisting of the 25 tooth reverse gear shaft and the 48 tooth stage 2 gear and work in Pro XP and Turbo transmissions also. We highly suggest you contact us before ordering gears unless you are absolutely sure what part numbers you are needing.  This is because of the variations in gear reductions from the factory and compatibility.  There is no warranty on Polaris gears and no returns.  

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