Mountain Fit

  • $ 485.00


The prefect solution for taking your smaller riding buddy with you. 


Polaris General center seat was designed to look as it was a factory option. Thermal-formed seat base attaches with a cnc cut aluminum bracket, allowing you access to the storage area found under the armrest. Thermal-formed seat back features the same profile found in the oem seat backs, production units have openings added for using 4 point harness/belts (not shown in pictures). Seat back attaches to the back wall of the cab with included fasteners.


We DO NOT include seatbelts/harness with this seat, it is the customers responsibility to decide if this product is safe for their passengers and to install the needed belt/harness for their passengers.  We are happy to help you with what we have found to work for belts/harness and their mounting but cannot guaranty the safety of such installs and use.


 All seats have slots installed for shoulder straps for using a 4 point harness.  (couple of the pictures may be before slots were installed)


Delivery times:  currently allow up to 12 working days before your seat will ship.   


 Seat material is not exactly the same as the oem seats, the materials used are a close to the oem colors as what is available at this time.  This has not been a problem but if you would like we can supply you with samples before you order.