Keller Polaris Pro R Ball Joint



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Durable Two-Piece Design
Your Polaris RZR Pro R has decent stock ball joints, but they’re no match for Keller Ball Joints from SuperATV. If you want unbeatable reliability and insane strength, you can trust Todd Keller’s innovative two-piece design. It all but guarantees that these ball joints won’t pull out. Once you get a set of Keller Ball Joints, you’ll never consider another ball joint again!

OEM Can’t Compare
Keller Ball Joints are made with hardened 4340 chromoly steel. They’re fully greaseable and adjustable, so they’ll last basically forever with proper maintenance. And the two-piece design ensures a secure fit that won’t come loose. Long story short, OEM ball joints can’t hold a candle to Keller.

The Last Ball Joints You’ll Ever Buy
Lesser ball joints rely on a snap ring. But those snap rings are liable to break at the most inconvenient times—but not Keller Ball Joints. The housing threads onto the A-arm so there’s no snap ring at all. Run big lifts and huge tires through rough terrain with no worries. In fact, these could be the last ball joints you ever buy!

  • 4340 hardened chromoly steel construction
  • Two-piece threaded design doesn’t require a snap ring
  • Easily adjustable, rebuildable, and greaseable
  • Robust boot retaining ring prevents water intrusion


  • Polaris RZR Pro R : 2022+
  • Polaris RZR Pro R 4 : 2022+

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    Made in USA