Polaris Ranger 500/570 Full Windshield (Vented) by Seizmik


  • $ 299.24

SKU: 63-25034

Get more use out of your Polaris Ranger with this Hard Poly Vented Windshield by Seizmik. Made from a hard-coated optical grade polycarbonate, this smart windshield features defogging vents for ensured visibility on the road. Keep you and your passengers protected with this easy to install high performance windshield.

Treat you and your passengers to the comfort and safety of this Poly Vented Windshield by Seizmik.This windshield helps block dirt, mud, and debris from entering your cab, making it easier to clean and upkeep. This windshield features two fully sealed defogging vents that allow necessary air to pass through your cab for increased comfort and visibility.

The fully sealed vents prevent water and debris from entering your cab as you drive. With the strength and durability of this 2-sided hard-coated polycarbonate windshield, your Polaris Ranger is prepared for all the ruggedness of the outdoors. Take on your next job or adventure with the reliability of this high performance vented windshield. 


  • 0.220 Thick UV Resistant Polycarbonate—Maximizes visibility while minimizing elemental intrusion
  • 2 Durable Vents—Made of glass-filled nylon and made to last
  • Gasket Sealed Components—For protection against wind and water intrusion
  • Glass-filled Nylon Clamps—Custom designed, super strong, and low profile so they do not interfere with other accessories
  • Fully Adjustable Air Flow—Easy-to-use louver makes changing the airflow through your vents simple
  • Defog Mode—Incoming air can be directed at the inside window surface to help prevent fogging
  • No Tools Required—Easy to turn knobs makes installation a breeze
  • Seizmik Compatible—Works with Seizmik accessories: mirrors, light bars, etc.
  • Trailerable—Up to 65mph when properly prepared


Seizmik Front Poly Full Vented Windshield 63-25034 Care Instructions:-

  • Create a mixture of mild liquid dish soap and warm water (Recommended UTV windshield washing/cleaning solution)

  • Take your side by side windshield cleaning solution and wash the UTV window(s), interior, and exterior
  • Only use a clean soft, micro-fiber cloth to wipe gently and do not scrub- apply very light pressure ***Do not use a paper towel and Windex***
  • Rinse UTV windshields well and air dry
  • Let dry for at 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the humidity level of your location
  • Get on that machine and have an awesome time now that you can see!!!
  • Stay safe while riding out there and check out Everything Polaris Ranger for more UTV parts and accessories