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Get Better Steering
When you’re behind the wheel of your Polaris Ranger 700, you need to stay in control. And your stock steering system isn’t up to the task. Every rack wears out eventually and ruins the feel of your steering. That’s why you need to replace your old rack and upgrade to SuperATV’s RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinion. With our X24 Tech dual-bushing design, you get tight steering reduces wear by over 50%. It gives you tight steering that you can be confident in and is durable enough for big tires and hard work.

Dual-Bushings for Durability
Our X24 technology is built for the way you ride. The durable PTFE bushings on both ends reduce unnecessary movement from internal gears and springs. There’s a built-in grease fitting too, so you can easily flush out the crud if you regularly bury your rig in the slop. Altogether, X24 tech reduces wear by over 50%. That means your rack and pinion will last longer no matter how you abuse your machine.

Swaged Tube Tie Rods
These steel swaged tube tie rods are lightweight but super tough. The flared-out, swaged design boosts the strength of the 7/8” diameter tubing. They’re bolstered with better tie rod ends too. They have huge 16 mm rack threads and 14 mm rod threads making them the toughest in the industry. They’ll keep you on track where others fail.

Solid Steel Bar Tie Rods
Solid steel bar tie rods give you the robust strength you need to ride through rough terrain. They’re perfect for turning big tires through slop and navigating boulder fields. The 1” diameter steel rod is paired with beefy tie rod ends—3/4” outer tie rods and rebuildable inner tie rods that use 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads. All that strength lets you get wild.

  • Heavy-duty dual PTFE bushings:
    • Designed with X24 Tech
    • Prevents wear
    • Reduces slop
    • Improves overall durability
  • Available tie rod options:
    • Steel swaged tube
    • Solid steel bar
  • Solid steel tie rods use:
    • 3/4” outer tie rod ends
    • Rebuildable inner tie rod ends that use 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads
  • Swaged tube tie rods use:
    • 14 mm outer tie rod ends
    • Rebuildable inner tie rod ends that use 14 mm rod threads and 16 mm rack threads
  • 65% larger housing than stock
  • Over 50% less wear than OEM after 15,000 cycles
  • Grease fitting for rack gears


  • Polaris Ranger 700 : 2009

Replaces OEM Part #:

jds 2/7/23