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ZBROZ 2.5” X2 Series Rear Remote EXIT Shocks were designed to give you the ultimate driving experience no matter the terrain. Whether it’s racing through the mountain trails, high speed desert rally action or those challenging rock crawling lines, the X2 Series Exit Shocks offer easy compression and rebound adjustability at the turn of dial. Get the ride quality, control, and performance you demand to take your riding to the next level.

The 2.5” X2 Series Rear Remote Back EXIT Shocks features a billet body construction to keep your shocks running cool when you’re throttle down. We added a performance high flow piston and precisely valve and tune every single shock off the line to meet your expectation. With direct bolt-on capabilities the X2 Series EXIT Shocks are easily tuned for your specific riding style. 

Each X2 Series EXIT Shock comes with full adjustment capabilities in our billet designed compression and rebound knobs. This means you can easily adjust your EXIT Shocks to your riding style and the terrain you’re in tool free at the turn of a dial. 
X2 EXIT Shocks come with a dual rate spring setup including our adjustable billet crossover rings. This allows you to set your crossover point to your liking and allows for a true dual rate setup

• Direct Bolt-on Replacement
• Billet Constructions
• 2.5” O.D. Shock body
• 2.5“O.D. Piggy back reservoir
• Performance High-Flow Piston
• Precisely valved and tuned • 3/4” Chrome Shaft
• PTFE Lined Spherical Bearings
• Progressive Closed Cellular Bump Stop
• Shot Peened & Preset Chrome Silicone Wire Springs
• Dual Rate Spring Rate Tuning
• Adjustable Billet Crossover Rings
• Billet Compression Adjuster
• Spherical Rebound Adjuster

SAEJ2492 Warning: By installing this product, you acknowledge that the suspension of this vehicle has been modified. As a result, this vehicle may handle differently than that of factory-equipped vehicles. As with any vehicle, extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control or roll-over during sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. Always wear seat belts, and drive safely, recognizing that reduced speeds and specialized driving techniques may be required. Failure to drive this vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death. Do not drive this vehicle unless you are familiar with its unique handling characteristics and are confident of your ability to maintain control under all driving conditions. Some modifications (and combinations of modifications) are not recommended and may not be permitted in your state. Consult your owner’s manual, the instructions accompanying this product, and state laws before undertaking these modifications. You are responsible for the legality and safety of the vehicle you modify using these components.

All EXIT SHOCKS are serviceable for years of reliable use. For service contact your local Zbroz Racing Dealer or send your shocks to us for full service. Zbroz Racing recommends that you service EXIT SHOCKS every 1,500 miles or every 24 months.

All EXIT SHOCKS are custom-built, valved, and tuned to applications. Please allow a 2-4 week build time.

CB 1/6/2022