Power Steering Kit - 2013-15 Can Am Maverick by Rugged

Power Steering Kit - 2013-15 Can Am Maverick by Rugged


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Applicability: 2013-15 Can Am Maverick and Maverick Max

The Can Am Maverick is great on the trails or in the mud - any other terrain for that matter - but if your machine doesn’t have power steering we sure you’re aware how a day full of tearing up terrain can leave you worn out and hurting! Lucky for you we have the perfect solution. The Rugged Power steering kit for the Can Am Maverick, that’s right, it’s rugged just like the name says! Power steering is a great option for those that are looking to reduce steering effort and even reduce the dreaded bump steer while out on the trail.

The rugged power steering kit is a compact standalone design that makes for an easier installation when compared to some other kits on the market; the kit was engineered to not require any soldering or drilling of factory components unlike some kits out there. This means with some time just about anyone can accomplish the install if they so choose! When Rugged chose the name they weren’t kidding either these kits are built to withstand everything that you can throw at them. The control boxes and connectors are all rated at IP67 to keep water and debris out and the components safe this means that you won’t be losing the power steering when you’re out on the trail just because you run through a creek or mud pits so don’t fret. Rugged has got your back!


  • Choose between a 220 watt or a 380 watt kit
  • Reduces steering effort
  • Reduces bump steer
  • Compact standalone system for easier installation and mounting
  • No soldering or drilling required
  • IP67 standard watertight control boxes and connectors
  • Can withstand high temperature and environmental exposure
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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ecs 3-25-22