Power Vision CX Flash Tuner Mounting Bracket for Can-Am X3 (2017-2019)

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Power Vision X3 PCVX  (part A) and PV3 (Part B) mounting bracket for your CAN-AM Maverick X3. Bracket (part A) mounts the Power Vision Tuner on the X3 instrument cluster. Part B mounts the PV3 to the original PVCX bracket. Holds the tuner firmly during off road maneuvers.

Part A-use this to mount to the old style PVCX to the X3 dash $18.99.

Part B-use this to mount the new PV3-25-01 to part A $21.99

To Mount a PV3 to your X3 dash requires both parts A and B for $40.98 



1. 2019 XRC may have the round or rectangular dash.

2. Does not fit base model X3.

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