Pro Armor Crawler XG Tires

Pro Armor

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Pro Armor Moto Crawler tires are a great looking 8 ply all terrain tire that excels for desert, rocks, and the off road environment. The best handling tire we have tried. 8 ply rated radial construction for strength, durability, and handling. This is a soft compound tire that will grip rocks and yet handle excellent at high speed. Crawler XG tires feature a softer compound and deeper tread depth compared to the Crawler XR.

3- ply armor belt side wall, the best in the industry
· More tread, longer lasting, tougher tire, better ride
· Provides traction and durability           
· Built to perform in sand, jagged rocks or any extreme terrain
· Unmatched grip and puncture resistant


30” x 10” x R14”     Part #: T301014XG

39 Lbs, 1330 lbs.Load, 8 Ply rated, Tread Depth: 0.78”. 

32" X 10" X R14"       Part #: T321014XG

41 Lbs, 1430 lbs. Load, 8 Ply rated, Tread Depth: 0.78”.  

35" x 10" x R15"        Part # T351015XG                              

  • 35 x 10 x R15 sizing designed to work on Front & Rear
  • Weight is 45 Lbs.
  • 8-ply rated Armor Belt construction
  • Recommended PSI of 15
  • Universal for 15" Rim

Engineered to provide unmatched grip, the Pro Armor Crawler XG is built for the rocks and high speed aggressive driving. An aggressive tread pattern and 8-ply rated Armor Belt construction provides supreme performance and is highly puncture resistant.

 jds 1/20/23