Polaris RZR 900 PZ 6 Cargo Box By Jemco


  • $ 389.99
  • Save $ 40.01

The JEMCO PZ 6 Cargo Box fits:

  •  RZR® 900 (2015-2021) 
  • RZR® 1000S & RZR 900 - 4 SEATER models,
  • RZR Trail 1000S (2020-2021)

Ready to get dirty, the PZ 6 Cargo Box is designed to accommodate riders' accessories such as a retractable harness, snorkel kit, OEM rack extension and more.

Features :

  • This product has approximately 275L of storage space.
  • Measurements of this box are 42"L x 26"W x 16" H
  • Weight is 25 lbs


  1. Unthread T Nut & Rubber Anchor from E-Anchor assembly, keeping flat washer with E-Anchor assembly.

  2. From the inside of the box insert the threaded E-Anchor through the predrilled 5/16" holes (4)

  3. Thread the Rubber Anchor & T Nut onto the E-Anchor from the outside of the box.

  4. Place box in the rear bed of machine. Align Anchors with corresponding Anchor holes in the bed of the machine.

  5. From the inside of the box, turn the eye bolts clockwise until tight, locking it in place.

  6. Load cargo.

 Shipping in the lower 48 states is $105