R2C UTV Air Filters Outer Covers (pre-filter)

FGA56 for OR10517 Can Substitute Outerwear 20-2851-01)


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R2C Filtergard Outer Cover

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 One of the first and most important things you can do for your UTV is to eliminate the factory air filter problems. R2C offers replacement, reusable air filters for UTVs that eliminate engine damaging dust and dirt. The filtergard is designed to go over the R2C or factory filter.

Why and when would pre-filter use be considered?

  • It stops fine dust and keeps your engine cleaner - That is False

Pre-Filters do not stop dust from entering the filter media.

Pre-filters, regardless of make, have openings sized at 130-140 Microns. Even the poorest performing filters, such as oiled gauze or foam, have no trouble stopping particles this large. The particles that your RZR engine air filter routinely deals with are a fraction of that size.  1-10 micron sized particulate is normal, regardless of the operating conditions.

* Imagine throwing a basketball through a garage door opening. That's an accurate relationship between particle size and pre-filter opening.


  • Pre-filters keep large debris and mud out of air filter screens and media - This is True

When air filters are exposed to large debris, a pre-filter can act as a deflector and prevent the filter screen and media from becoming plugged. This is not normally the case when using the factory air box.


  •  Pre-filters add restriction and can have an impact on air flow - This is True

While pre-filters do increase pressure drop, it's normally not by a great deal. We can see a restriction increase of .7" w.g. on the manometer when clean. When filters are exposed, that level of increase can occur by virtue of mud or large debris becoming lodged in the filter screen. R2C pre-filters are normally an asset on exposed filters.


  •  Pre-filters can reduce the amount of dust holding capacity and cause a more rapid climb in restriction - This is True

R2C Extreme Series filters for Polaris applications actually have the ability to shed the accumulated dust cake through normal oscillation that occurs while riding. The fast moving particulate moves through the pre-filter's 130 micron openings but is not allowed to fall back into the air box easily. The speed required to escape the pre-filter is not present when moving against air flow.


Washing Paper Filters:

R2C filters feature a specially designed media that allows performance and efficiency to be restored to near new each time by simply using compressed air from inside out, making frequent washing unnecessary in order to restore filter performance.

R2C air filters feature a media that is fully compatible with washing.  Biodegradable cleaners such as Simple Green or other mild shop degreasers can be used. Simply place the filter in a light solution or spray the cleaner on the filter. Allow the solution to loosen the particulate for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Shake the filter to remove residual water and allow a full day or two to dry. Do not apply aggressive compressed air to filters while wet.  While the media may discolor, filter efficiency and restriction are not affected.