Razorback Offroad - Polaris RZR PRO Series Rock Sliders – RZR PRO XP (2 Seat Model)


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  • $ 549.00

These new Polaris RZR PRO Series Rock Sliders we developed for the Polaris Pro Series line up were designed to deliver everything you would expect from a performance machine like the Polaris RZR Pro XP. Not only do they make your Pro Series Polaris look good, they help you slide over rocks, and protect the bottom of your Pro Series. They’re also incredibly strong. These rock sliders are able to be used as a jacking point to lift your machine to change a tire or to get out of a bad spot. Also, they’re incredibly easy to install. Our Polaris RZR PRO Series Rock Sliders check all the boxes.

We designed them to not only look good, but to function as advertised. We have all seen cheap rock sliders that bend and deform with the slightest tap on a rock. That’s why we made these out of 1.5” steel tubing and welded in our exclusive laser-cut, fabricated Load Dispersion Plate and then we gave it (3) solid mounting points. These bad boys are strong like a bull!



Our Polaris Pro Series Rock Sliders are designed to work with the Polaris Pro Series, Polaris Pro Series Sport, Polaris Pro Series Premium, and Polaris Pro Series Ultimate, Side x Sides. 


Installation of our Pro Series Nerf Bars is very easy and only takes about 20 minutes. They require no drilling, no welding, no cussing, or throwing of hammers… Be sure to check out the install video on our YouTube channel 


We will answer the phone when you call, be here when you need us, and do what we say we will. We support the off-roading community and want to help ensure we share it with our children, their children and beyond.


Being in such a small town, we have really learned what it means to be thankful for work. Every time you purchase from RBO you are keeping people working and we thank you for that….

  • Designed to actually work!
  • Made from 1.5 steel tubing
  • Includes our RBO exclusive laser cut, fabricated Load Dispersion Plate
  • Can be used as a jacking point, yep that’s right!
  • Powder Coated in our Endurance Black Finish
  • Complete kit includes (2) Rock Sliders/Nerf Bars and all hardware
  • Installing is simple and requires no drilling, no welding, no cussing, or throwing of hammers
  • Install Videos online at Razorbackoffroad.com
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee*

jds 6/12/23