Razorback Offroad - Polaris RZR PRO XP Front Folding Windshield


Razorback Offroad

  • $ 879.99

Our Polaris RZR PRO XP Front Folding Windshield was designed to enhance your riding experience while on and off trail. Loaded with features that are simply not available on any other windshield on the market. Check all the features we built into our folding windshield and you will see why the RBO folding windshield is the ultimate choice. 

Lightweight and Durable

We built our Polaris PRO XP Folding Windshield frame from 1/8” thick 6061 Aluminum. This design is super lightweight and gives the strength to last for years of off-road abuse. 

Largest Windshield

We designed this windshield for the Polaris PRO XP, Polaris PRO XP Sport, Polaris PRO XP Premium, and Polaris PRO XP Ultimate, to have one of the largest viewing areas available in a fold-down or fold-up PRO XP Glass windshield. Also, with your safety in mind, this UTV windshield is made with laminated DOT approved glass.


We chose the manually operated wiper so you don’t have to run any electrical wires. Like our other windshields, those who use our Polaris PRO XP Folding Windshield say it’s one of the best add-ons they have installed on their Side x Side. 

Rust Free Hinges That Work

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Hinges that don’t rust and that will work time after time? We spent weeks testing hinges and could not find any that performed the way we wanted them to, so we developed our own hinges. We make these from stainless steel and give them a 10-year warranty. 

Easy to Open

We wanted an easy open windshield for your PRO XP that did not have pins or clips that you could lose out on the trail. That’s why we spent the extra effort to design in twist lock latches. 

Sliding Vents

For those rides that are too cold to lay the PRO XP Windshield down but a little hot in the cab, we have you covered. Our Sliding Window Vents are sized to let a little air in when you need it. 

Windshield Support

Very few things are more annoying on the trail than rattles and things bouncing around. That’s why we designed a stable and reliable system for holding the windshield down. We found inspiration when we looked at the older CJ Jeeps. We used tried and true rubber hood latches as our windshield tie downs. 


With the Polaris RZR PRO XP Front Folding Windshield, you get lots of choices. Imagine heading out on the trail in the morning on a fall day and its cold. You can keep the windshield up. As the morning warms up you can just slide a windshield vent open, or when it gets into late afternoon and the sun is high, just lay the windshield down. When you lay the windshield down, you also get a great shooting rest for your gun, or a great table to make lunch on. 

Looks Great

The old saying says “looks aren’t everything.” Well at RBO we disagree. When it comes to the machines we drive, we try hard to design the best looking, best performing products on the market and our Polaris RZR PRO XP Front Folding Windshield is no exception. 


Our Glass Front Windshield is designed to work with the Polaris PRO XP, Polaris PRO XP Sport, Polaris PRO XP Premium, and Polaris PRO XP Ultimate Side x Sides.


Installation of our Polaris RZR PRO XP Front Folding Windshield is very easy and only takes about 20 minutes to install. Weather you call it a PRO XP Fold Down Windshield, a PRO XP Glass Front Windshield, a PRO XP Windshield with Wiper, a Polaris PRO XP Front Flip up Windshield you are correct because this Polaris glass windshield does it all.

  • Lightweight, Strong, Dependable
  • Powder Coated in our Tuff Coat Black Finish
  • Fold Down with easy close latches
  • CNC Machined Sliding Vents
  • Manual operated Windshield wiper is standard.
  • ¼” Laminated D.O.T. Glass
  • RBO Tuff-Latch™ hold downs
  • Easy to Install (Watch Video)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Fits 2-seater and 4-seater