RBO Ultimate™ RZR Trail Folding Glass Windshield


Razorback Offroad

  • $ 849.99

  • Watch the Fitment! This RBO Ultimate™ Folding Windshield was designed to work with our Desert Roof™. It will not work with the stock Polaris RZR Trail factory roof. We offer this windshield for those who may want to build their own roof or are willing to try and modify the stock Polaris Roof. (Please double check our dimensions before you order this windshield by itself)
  • Lightweight and Durability: We built our RZR Fold Down Glass Windshield frame from 1/8” thick 6061 Aluminum. This design is super lightweight and gives the strength to last for years of off-road abuse.
  • Large Windshield: We design this windshield for the Polaris RZR Trail 1000 and the RZR Trail S to have one of the largest viewing areas of any other fold-down windshield on the market.
  • Wiper: We chose a manually operated wiper, so you don’t have to run any electrical wires.
  • Rust Free Hinges that work: Seems simple, doesn’t it? Use hinges that don’t rust and that will work time after time. We make these from Stainless steel and give them a 10-year warranty.
  • Easy to Open: We wanted an easy open windshield for your Polaris RZR 1000 that did not have pins or clips that you could lose out on the trail. The RBO Ultimate Polaris RZR Fold Down Glass Windshield utilizes quick lock latches that allow you to open with just a twist, it’s that easy.
  • Windshield Support: Very few things are more annoying on the trail than rattles and things bouncing around. That’s why we designed a stable and reliable system for holding the windshield down. We found inspiration when we looked at the older CJ Jeeps. We used tried and true Rubber Hood Latches as our windshield Tie Downs with fantastic results.
  • Functionality: With the RBO Polaris Razor Fold Down Windshield you get lots of choices. Imagine heading out on the trail in the morning on a fall day and its cold, you can keep the windshield up. As the morning warms up, you can just slide a windshield vent open. When it gets into late afternoon and the sun is high, just lay the folding windshield down. When you lay our RZR Glass Windshield down you also get a great shooting rest for your gun.
  • Good Looks: The old saying says “Looks aren’t everything.” Well, at RBO we disagree. When it comes to the machines we drive, we try hard to design the best looking, best performing products on the market and our Fold Down Windshield is no exception.
  • Pride in Craftsmanship: We take great pride in the fact that we build this windshield here in Idaho.
  • We answer the phone when you call. We will be here when you need us. Being in such a small town we have really learned what it means to be thankful for work. Every time you purchase from RBO you are keeping people working and we thank you for that….
  • Made in USA: and comes with our RBO 30-day Money Back Guarantee **


2021+ Polaris RZR Trail, RZR Trail Sport, RZR Trail Premium, Trail S, RZR Trail S 900 Sport, RZR Trail S 900 Sport, RZR Trail S 1000 Premium, RZR Trail S 1000 Ultimate.

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