ORO RZR SWAYLOC Sway Bar for XP 1000. XP Turbo

Off Road Only

  • $ 969.00
  • Save $ 30

 Off Road Only (ORO) RZR Electric Two Position Sway Bar 

  • Two sway bars in one
  • Flip the switch from the drivers seat to decide the type of sway bar you require
  • Position 1 for superior high speed handling
  • Position 2 for trail traction to avoid lifting tires

The SwayLOC anti-swaybar system is unique in that there are 2 individual torsion bars to deliver 2 different rates of control. ORO has incorporated an electric actuator to allow for easy, shift on the fly adjustment from the driver seat.

Simply flip the switch to transition between the firm setting for high speed control and the soft setting delivering full articulation for extreme crawling action. The smart latching system will only engage in the firm mode when the chassis is in the level position.

With the latch engaged the firm rate is comparable to if not just a touch firmer than the OEM RZR rear sway bar. So flip it to the engaged mode and stand on the gas pedal! Experience full confidence that your RZR will behave as it did with the stock bar. The components shown in these photos are early design, the production units will have 3 separate morning points for the linkage attachment, allowing for some adjustment in the firm rate.

With the latch dis-engaged the softer rate will allow near full range of articulation, similar to what can be experienced by simply removing the stock bar. Our testing has concluded that most vehicles experience as much articulation with the SwayLOC in the softer rate as they do without a sway bar, however, there is a noticeable balanced feel with the SwayLOC that is missing when running without a sway bar.

Realizing that the OEM sway bar brackets are at times the weak point in the system, OffRoadOnly went one step further and developed the mounting bracket system to not only utilize the factory mounts, but also extends the brackets above and below the factory bracket and clamps to the RZR tubing framework, providing a wide range of load support to re-enforce the mounting brackets.

SwayLOC is a 100% bolt on kit and typically can be installed in approximately 90 minutes. And since it is bolt on, it is also easily removed to be able to be transferred to another machine should the need arise.

Polyurethane bushings are utilized between the mounting brackets and the SwayLOC torsion bars, these allow a slight amount of give and provide noiseless mounting. The SwayLOC torsion bars incorporate a grease fitting on the end of the inner bar, allowing for regular service to lube the wearing area inside the bars. The rod ends on the linkages are 3 piece quality rod ends, which also incorporate a grease fitting to allow regular maintanence.

These RZR kits utilize a short travel 12 volt electric actuator. These draw at max appx 3 amps, but we have not seen near that much draw during our testing. From the actuator is a 2 connductor cable that plugs into a sealed Carling rocker switch. Simply attach the positive side to a 12 volt supply. As the actuator reaches the end of its travel, a limit switch opens the circuit preventing current draw until the switch is flipped, so the circuit is simply flip it and forget it until you flip it again.


Shipping is $55 in the lower 48 States.