RZR XP Plug & Play™ 6 Switch Power Control System (2018 and Earlier) - PCS-64-NS by XTC


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2018 and Earlier RZR XP Plug & Play™ 6 Switch Power Control System 

RZR XP Plug & Play 6 Switch Power Control System - # PCS-64-NS (no switches) $284.05

RZR XP Plug & Play 6 Switch Power Control System - # PCS-64 (6 switches) $331.55

PCS-64-NS Kit does not include any switches. 

PCS-64-(includes 6 switches), select kit with switches and choose 6 switches from the drop down. Save money when ordering switches with the kit over the regular switch price of $15.95 each. 



Plug & Play™ Easy Install - Instruction Book
• Fits RZR XP and most UTV's
• 6 Switch System - Includes Carling Switches with Red Lens Bar Actuators
• 4 20 AMP High Power Relayed and 2 10 AMP Direct Switch Circuits
• Fuse Block with each Switch on Individual Fuse
• 8GA Power Cable 50 AMP Main Circuit Breaker at Battery
• Barrier Strip for Clean Integration
• Bottom Row Lighting when upgraded switches used

• Made in the USA!


XTC™ Power Products Leads the way in UTV Wiring Solutions. From our Plug & Play™ Product line comes our PCS Power Control System . Our Power Control System was designed with the installer in mind. It significantly reduces install time and leaves a clean organized wiring system for your vehicle and makes future trouble shooting easy. The kit's come complete with everything needed for installation. All switch circuit/housings are wired for bottom row lighting. The Power Control Systems has high current circuits on relays with Diode protection that reduce voltage spikes from field collapse, protecting LED lights