RZR Side Nets



  • $ 225.00

UTV Mountain Accessories RZR Side Nets:

  • Quick attachment and removal process.
  • Will not block view.
  • Added safety and security.
  • Product created with extreme care and precision.
  • Product in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days. 


When engaging in exhilarating choices and flying across the dirt terrain, a little extra safety never hurts. The RZR side nets help contain passengers by keeping hands and arms inside the vehicle therefore adding protection in the event of a dangerous situation. The nets also protect against thrashing branches or rocketed debris. These nets will not block the view or compromise the experience so you can feel free to dive into the most thrilling adventures. The side nets are attached with straps and tie down buckles and they are easily placed or removed within seconds. Let the world rush by without the fear of stinging, whipping branches! No fear, no limits! Accelerate into your bold adventures!

The Side Net Kit includes:

  • 2 side nets, 1 for the passenger side and 1 for the drivers side