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Transmission Bearing  Kit

SANDCRAFT has created ALL NEW UTV Bearings that have been designed specifically for their individual application within the Transmission. We now have the ONLY UTV specific line of Bearings available anywhere, and you can only get them here.

We’ve built each bearing with the highest possible precision manufacturing and made from the best heat treated steel money can buy. You will find these new Bearings in ALL SANDCRAFT Kits.

Our Transmission Bearings were designed to handle extreme temperatures and loads. These Bearings can handle more than 5X more abuse than OE and continue operating at peak performance even in a contaminated oil bath. We’ve put in the work so that you can take your UTV faster and farther than ever before.

Transmission Seal Kit

After years of R&D we’ve been able to create the most durable, highest heat-rated Seal on the market. SANDCRAFT Seals consistently outperform competitor & OE Seals on the test bench and in real life applications. Designed to precisely fit your machine, our Seals will keep your Bearings clean by keeping contamination out.

Almost half of all Bearing failures are related to poor Seals that can’t handle abuse or heat. Seals account for a tiny fraction of total gear unit cost, but are responsible for the majority of part-related failures. Trying to save a few dollars by sticking with a cheap OE or competitor Seal will most likely end up costing you much more later. Don’t let this happen to you out on the trails.

SANDCRAFT single, double and triple Lip Seals use a nitrile rubber (NBR) compound that excels at handling thermal expansion, high dynamic runout, shaft to bore misalignment and aggressive lubricants. This significantly extends service life and reliability. If your machine is leaking oil from the axles/output shaft, or if you are rebuilding the Transmission with SANDCRAFT Bearings, our seals are a must have.

Do not make the mistake of rebuilding a failing Transmission with the same parts that let you down the first time.

jds 2/21/23