Sick-Stick 3 Position Rocker Switch Kit*

Sick Stick

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Our laser etched rocker switch kit makes your Sick-Stick lighted whip wiring easy and adds that custom look to your machine. This switch kit is designed for those that are Hardwiring the Sick-Stick lighted whips and allows the whips to run between 2 different colored lights. The ON-OFF-ON rocker switch is currently available with a Red & Blue light bar. For example, if you wired the switch to run your whips red and blue you would push the switch one direction for red and the opposite direction for blue. ON(red)-OFF-ON(blue). The provided switch harness fits most popular SXS's and has 5' of wiring that routes from the switch to your 12v power/ground supply. Such as the power/ground bussbar under the hood of CanAms and Polaris or the battery area of the YXZ and many others. Our switch harness has 12' of wiring that routes from the rocker switch to your Sick-Stick lighted whips. With this length it is long enought to fit 2 seater & 4 seater SXS's and Sandrails, etc. We know wiring and cut no corners on our products. All the wiring in our harness is nylon wrapped & connectors are properly crimped and fitted in the switch hardshell. This switch kit can only be used with the hardwire whip set-ups. If you already have our Sick-Stick's, you can also use this switch kit in conjunction with the Hardwire cable kit to convert your Remote Control VooDoo or Kozmo whips to eliminate the remote and only run your whips in 2 solid colors. Please note, not all whip light color combos are compatibale. We now offer a jumper harness to allow you to run white and most color combos. Please message us when ordering what light colors you wish to run on your whip so we can include the appropriate instructions & jumper harness if needed.