Sick-Stick Black VooDoo whip with hardwire cable*

Sick Stick

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VooDoo Sick-Stick Lighted Whip                

Available in 4' & 6' lengths

Sick-Stick VooDoo Black whip w/hardwire cable kit. Available in 4' & 6' whip lengths. 

We now have a Hardwire option for the VooDoo Sick-Stick lighted whip to run one single light color. With this whip set-up there is no remote to use, each VooDoo Sick-Stick has the ability to run in either RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, PINK, YELLOW or LIGHT BLUE color lights just by using our 6' hardwire cable and wiring it up as directed to acheive desired color. We use water-tight twist lock whip electrical connectors so there's never a poor connection and with our hardwire kit it is easily able to route the 6' hardwire cables through the rollcage if a cleaner look is desired. We recommend using one of our rocker switch kits for ease of wiring installation. A 3 position rocker switch kit is also available and allows you to run the VooDoo Sick-Stick whip in 2 different color options.

The VooDoo Sick-Stick whip is a fiberglass pole wraped with the brightest LED's on the market. These are solid mount whips using our stylish & easy to operate Hex shaped Billet aluminum quick disconnect base. Held in place with a 1/4" snap pin, you'll never to loose a whip again.

We have over 40 years off-road experience & know what works best.

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