SpeedStrap, Essential UTV Kit (1.5″ Tie-Downs) by PRP


  • $ 99.99
  • Save $ 10


Don’t trust a $5 ratchet from the hardware store to secure your $30k UTV.  Go with high quality tie-down that you can trust.

Rated at 1,300 lb Safe Working Load (SWL) and a 4,000 lb Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC), all 1.5″ tie-downs are built with the highest quality. Each premium ratchet mechanism features our signature, wide handle, comfort grip and protective end caps on the barrels to protect your rig. Both the 3pt Ratchet Tie-Down and the Adjustable Tie-Backs include built in soft-tie ends that allow you wrap the strap around A-Arms or Axles without scratching the paint. This kit provides the essential tie-downs for your UTV plus a convenient carrying bag to store them in. These are the last tie-downs that you’ll ever need!

Kit includes:

2 – Adjustable Tie-Backs – These don’t have a ratchet, but just a simple 3 bar slide that allows you to set the length of the tie-back.  If you’re putting the same UTV on the same trailer everytime, these tie-backs make things simpler and quicker.  Simply attach to the front or rear of your vehicle, adjust the length of the tie back so that the UTV is sitting on the trailer where you want it, and then use ratchet straps on the other end of the vehicle to tighten everything down. Next time you use them, the tie-backs will already be set to the length you need!

1 – 3pt Ratchet Tie-Down – Most UTV’s have a tow bar ring at the back. This 3pt Ratchet Tie Down runs from the trailer, to the tow-bar on the UTV, and back to the trailer.  Instead of having to set up and tighten down a bunch of different ratchets, you only have to set up one.

1 – SpeedWraps – The simplest things that makes a world of difference.  This doubles sided hook n’ loop strap is perfect for securing any loose straps from flying in the wind. They’re also great for wrapping around the ratchets when stored, to keep everything neat and tidy.

1 – Small Tool Bag

JDS 1/11/23