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Make your brand-new Honda Talon even better — with a Power Vision 3 EFI flash tuner. Reap WHP gains up to 10% and easily tap into Launch Control, putting the competition in your dust.

Kick up dirt — don’t let it into your engine, with the R2C Extreme Series air filter for your Honda Talon. This reusable filter holds 47% more dust than the OEM model, giving you a clean engine and enhanced performance.

Dynojet never stops innovating and the goal to pair the perfect performance products together is found with our Stage 2 Kit for your Honda Talon. Power Vision 3 is the performance secret the dealers won’t tell you about. Supercharge your fun (or get ready to race) with a Power Vision 3 for your Honda Talon.

We’ve raised the bar when it comes to what you should expect from a handheld ECU flash delivery tool. Power Vision’s easy-to-read, no-nonsense display puts performance at your fingertips, empowering you to choose from our vast library of pre-tested tunes or to build one yourself. The Power Vision device updates the tables directly within the ECU to optimize the air/fuel ratio, keeping you in sync and in control.

When you’re back in the garage, your performance data can then be clearly seen using our Power Core software to help you improve your ride.

The Power Vision device holds multiple tunes at once and allows you to optimize your ride for power, speed, or fuel-efficiency. After you’ve flashed your ECU, you can either unplug the device or head out with Power Vision attached as an extra instrument panel. Power Vision easily connects to the diagnostic port, so installation won’t keep you away for long.


Step up from stock performance and give your Honda Talon the clean air it needs with the R2C Extreme Series air filter, specifically designed for off-road applications.   Featuring a synthetic media, this filter offers fractional efficiency of roughly 30% on very fine dust, a 2.5X increase over stock. Whether you’re riding in your backyard or racing in the desert, this oil-free air filter is a valuable shield against dirt and dust getting into your engine, saving you money and time in the long run. The synthetic fiber structure catches particles as small as .3 microns, and it is cleanable and washable if needed. These filters are made for everyone from weekend warriors seeking reliability to heavy-duty racers who can’t afford anything less than peak performance. Offering easy maintenance by cleaning the filter with compressed air from the inside out.  The filter features a mounting bracket, which eliminates leaking and dust ingress around the seal. Included with the filter is the mounting flange.


  • Easy-to-read high-contrast screen gives you full control over how you tune your ride
  • Ability to flash your UTV from the trail, whenever you want
  • Quickly build your own tune or choose from a wide variety of trusted Dynojet-engineered tunes
  • Comes with Power Core software that connects dyno runs with fuel tuners to unlock your ride’s potential
  • Can be mounted and used as a live diagnostic panel as you ride, with customizable alarms
  • Weather resistant and shock resistant
  • One-year warranty and unlimited tech support
  • Proudly made in the USA


Our Power Vision fuel tuner line can hold multiple tunes right on the device, which means that you can reflash your ECU changing conditions right from the trail. Keep a tune available for each of your favorite upgrades and terrains to optimize your UTV for everything you need.


Not just a fuel tuner, Dynojet's Power Vision devices are also powerful monitoring tools to track your progress as you ride. The data can then be viewed using our Power Core Software to help you improve your tune. It can also be used as an extra instrument panel when mounted to the dash of your UTV for even more control over your progress.

Holds 47% more dust than the OEM model Fractional efficiency of roughly 30% on very fine dust — 2.5X increase over stock Cleanable, washable and reusable Features a mounting bracket Specifically designed for off-road applications


  • PC-based
  • Connects dynamometer runs with fuel tuners
  • Adjusts/creates calibrations and maps



  • SXS10S2R Talon 1000R 2019
  • SXS10S2X Talon 1000X 2019

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