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Polaris Steering-Shock-Clutch multi-tool If you ever tried to get the inner tie rod end loose or tight on a Polaris side x side then you will understand this tool. With almost no room with the A-arms its a challenge to get the inner tie rod end loose.  

Now there is a simple fix for that plus more. 

This wrench will address the entire steering rod (Inner and Outer  jam nuts, and the tie rod nut). tool has a spanner wrench and clutch tool built in as a factory Polaris wrench has. ( Fits Most Machines Will not Fit Smaller Walker Evans Front Shock)

You can attach a 1/2 ratchet to center of tool for leverage and on one end you can use as a handle to attach a 1/4 or 3/8 extension to help get to the tricky places on a trail side fix.

You have a tool in your factory tool bag why not replace it with one that can do a lot more and is color matched to your ride? 

Wrench sizes are 18MM, 22MM, and 32MM..