STI HD9 Comp Lock Beadlock Wheel for Can Am


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STI HD9 Comp Lock Beadlock Wheel for Can Am (Sand Wheels)

These HD9 wheels feature a new, low-profile and small-diameter center cap that bolts to the wheel securely. And the wheels work with most OEM lug nuts for convenience. Check 'em out, in both Matte Black, Bronze, and Machined with/ Matte Black.

  • 8" & 10" wide wheels with 0mm positive offset (4+4 & 5+5) helps keep your UTV stable on sand 
  • 7" wide wheels with +30 mm offset (5+2) improves handling and steering 
  • 10mm thick billet beadlock ring and 5/16 grade-8 hardware.
  • 1200-pound load rating.

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Estimated Availability
Item Name SKU COLOR EST In Stock
14x7 (5+2) 14HB927 Matte Black In Stock
14x7 (5+2) 14HB907 Machined / Matte Black In Stock
14x7 (5+2) 14HB937 Bronze In Stock
14x8 (4+4) 14HB9278 Matte Black Low Stock
15x7 (5+2) 15HB927 Matte Black Out Of Stock
15x7 (5+2) 15HB907 Machined / Matte Black Low Stock


CB 8/23/2021 | SS 8/22/22