Polaris RZR 900 To RZR S 900 Suspension Conversion Kit - High Clearance - 1.5 Offset by Super ATV


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Why We Make It
Upgrade your Polaris RZR 900 to RZR S 900 suspension with SuperATV’s Suspension Conversion Kit and get high-performance suspension capable of more than just the trail. You get a 10-inch wider suspension width and 1.5 inches of extra clearance thanks to front and rear high-clearance A-arms. The result is a smooth, stable ride capable of serious performance and serious control.

The SuperATV Difference
We know what you want, and we know how you want it. That’s why SuperATV’s Suspension Conversion Kit comes complete with 4 Rhino brand axles. It’s built strong so you can push it harder than your stock machine which means more fun and better performance. With 11” of ground clearance and 10” of wheel travel, you can cruise right over whoops, jumps, and hills with maximum control. Not to mention the 3” longer wheelbase gives you room for larger tires and increased stability.

Ready to Roll?
This kit comes with everything you need for quick easy install — we include everything to completely rebuild your suspension apart from ball joints and A-arm bushings. That means you get A-arms, tie rods, axles, swaybar links and a sway bar, all built better than stock. So get wild

Add a 3” Lift Kit
Want the RZR S drive without the RZR S price PLUS 3 inches of lift? We have you covered. Purchase our conversion kit with our 3" lift kit and get up to 14” of clearance and room for up to 32” tires. Here at SuperATV we know lifts. With years of engineering and design work under our belts, we deliver the most innovative and best-performing lifts on the market. When you want a kit that performs time and time again, measures true to size, and withstands whatever torture you can throw at it, you want a SuperATV kit.

Get it with Rhino 2.0 Axles
Rhino 2.0 takes your UTV and your S conversion kit to the next level. With hardened 4340 chromoly from end-to-end and maximized CV components, Rhino 2.0 is twice as strong as stock and can handle 40°+ suspension angles without overheating. Not only that, but they’ve been precision made so they don’t require any break in and come with an 18-month warranty. So take the harder route and blaze a new trail—with Rhino 2.0, you’re indestructible.

Voodoo Blue and Velocity Blue do NOT match Sky Blue.

 California Proposition 65 Warning 
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Polaris RZR 900 : 2015+
Please confirm A-arm width (See photo under details)

Note: The stock front sway bar will be removed and discarded. Ball joints not included.


  • Gives you 10" wider suspension (60" total width)
  • Better stability and performance
  • 1.5" front and rear offset
  • High-clearance A-arms give 1.5 inches of extra clearance
  • Lifetime warranty on A-arms and brackets
  • A-arms available in variety of colors
  • Heavy-duty 1-1/4" tubing
  • 4 Heavy-duty Rhino Brand Axles
  • Heavy-duty tie rods
  • Reuses existing bushings
  • Reuses factory shocks
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Add a 3" Bolt-on Lift Kit with brackets and hardware to fit up to 32" tires


  • Black 2015-2016 Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R1-02)
  • Black 2015-2016 Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R2-02)
  • Black 2017+ Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R1-02)
  • Black 2017+ Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R2-02)
  • Red 2015-2016 Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R1-03)
  • Red 2015-2016 Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R2-03)
  • Red 2017+ Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R1-03)
  • Red 2017+ Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R2-03)
  • Orange 2015-2016 Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R1-04)
  • Orange 2015-2016 Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R2-04)
  • Orange 2017+ Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R1-04)
  • Orange 2017+ Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R2-04)
  • WA 2015-2016 Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R1-07)
  • WA 2015-2016 Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R2-07)
  • WA 2017+ Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R1-07)
  • WA 2017+ Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R2-07)
  • VB 2015-2016 Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R1-16)
  • VB 2015-2016 Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-HC1.5-SBJ-K1-R2-16)
  • VB 2017+ Rhino (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R1-16)
  • VB 2017+ Rhino 2.0 (LTK-P-RZR900-5-1.5-HC-001-K1-R2-16)