• $ 1,249.95

The Strongest Single-Battery EPS Kit
If you’re running gigantic tires and big ole GDP portals—looking at you, mud monsters and rock crawlers—you’re going to need some help behind the steering wheel. That’s where SuperATV’s Polaris Ranger XP 1000 EZ-STEER Series 6 Power Steering Kit comes in. At 600 watts, it’s the strongest EPS kit you can get without equipping a second battery.

Speed Sensitivity
Turning giant tires in deep mud is a breeze with this power steering kit. Bumps from rocks, logs, and other obstacles won’t jerk your steering wheel around anymore either. Oh, and did we mention it’s speed-sensitive? You get maximum sensitivity at low speeds, but it’s not touchy when you’re moving fast. Speed sensitivity helps prevent over-correction when you open 'er up!

Go (Wet) Places with EZ-STEER
This ain’t your daddy’s power steering kit—it’s EZ-STEER. It’s built to withstand mud, muck, water, sludge—okay, you get it. No matter how sloppy the ride gets, our power steering kit won’t quit on you. The same tech that makes this EZ-STEER kit waterproof also seals out sand and dust, which could be just as damaging to the electronic components over time. We include everything you need to get it installed too, so you’ll be back on the trail ASAP.

Trust SuperATV
We don’t label just any EPS kit an “EZ-STEER” kit. Every EZ-STEER kit is designed to meet our insanely high expectations and pass rigorous testing. EZ-STEER kits have to be durable, water-tight, and beefy. We put this 600-watt motor to the test in the lab and on the trail. We tore up the bounty hole, dominated rocky cliffs, and left all our buddies eating our dust with this 600-watt kit. It stood up to all our tests without draining the battery or overheating. When it comes down to it, you can trust SuperATV to build a high-quality product. We’re so confident in this kit that we back it up with a 3-year warranty!

Other Options
Is 600 watts overkill for you? Check out our 400-watt option. It’s made with the same awesome EZ-STEER features in a smaller package.


  • 600-watt motor that doesn’t require a second battery
  • Capable of steering 50”+ tires with ease
  • Eliminates steering feedback
  • Compact control box for easier mounting and installation
  • No soldering required for EZ-STEER wiring
  • Sealed input and output shafts
  • Waterproof control box and connectors
  • Pairs perfectly with GDP Portals


  • Polaris Ranger XP 570 (PRO-FIT Cab) : 2015-2016
  • Polaris Ranger XP 570 (PRO-FIT Cab) Crew : 2015-2016
jds 6/9/23