• $ 459.95

Upgraded A-Arms for Your RZR XP
You’ve got one of the nicest side-by-sides around—and you’re still getting held up by hazards on the trail! Upgrade your Polaris RZR XP with SuperATV’s High-Clearance A-Arms. They’re perfect for the rider looking for high-clearance A-arms that won’t change how their steering feels. They’re the ideal replacement for damaged stock A-arms too—they’re bigger and stronger than stock. The only regret you’ll have is not getting them sooner!
  • Bend design adds 1.5” of ground clearance
  • 1.25” diameter tubing is bigger and stronger than stock
  • Industry-leading adjustable pivot blocks

1.5” Additional Clearance—Same Steering Geometry
SuperATV’s custom bend design delivers extra ground clearance without changing your stock steering geometry. You get 1.5” of additional ground clearance to help you fly over obstacles that used to hold you back. With these control arms, you can take on the nastiest trails with ease.

Bigger than OEM…
Our upper and lower A-arms both use 1.25” diameter tubing versus 1.10” OEM uppers and 1” OEM lowers. Bigger tubing gives you better performance and reliability on tough rides. It’s pretty hard to argue with those numbers. And we include self-lubricating UHMW bushings at no extra cost, meaning your ride will only get smoother over time.

We back our A-arms with a lifetime warranty. Attack the trail with confidence knowing SuperATV has your back.

…and Better-Looking!
These replacement A-arms work hard and look good doing it. The sleek design and beefed-up tubing make your RZR look more muscular. You’re sure to draw attention on the trail with these A-arms.

Add Optional Adjustable Pivot Blocks
SuperATV’s high-clearance A-arms feature adjustable pivot blocks so you can tune your camber to perfection. Perfect camber reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. And we preset the pivot blocks to stock specs when they ship so you don’t have to mess with your camber if you don’t want or need to.

Don’t need the ability to adjust camber? Just select “Non-Adjustable” and we’ll leave the pivot blocks out.

Pick Your Ball Joint
When it’s time to replace your ball joints, you need options. At SuperATV, we’ve got three types of high-quality ball joints for your Polaris RZR XP. Casual riders, weekend warriors, and absolute gearheads all have options here. Get the right ball joint and stop worrying about annoying breakdowns!

  • Choose from Keller, Standard-Duty, Heavy-Duty 4340 steel, or Super-Duty 300M
  • Greaseable zerk fittings
  • Adjustable and durable

Keller Ball Joints
Keller Ball Joints use a two-piece design that eliminates the need for a snap ring. They thread onto your A-arms like a nut and bolt, which makes these ball joints virtually impossible to pull out. The high-quality chromoly steel stud combined with an advanced tool-steel body makes them perfect for bigger machines, bigger tires, and bigger rides. And since they’re greaseable and rebuildable, you can keep them running perfectly.

Super-Duty 300M Ball Joint
300M steel is super strong. Combined with our in-depth engineering, you get one tough stud. It’s stronger than stock and will outperform almost any other aftermarket ball joint. It’s the perfect ball joint for anybody that likes to hit it hard or has big upgrades like tires or a lift kit.

Heavy-Duty 4340 Ball Joint
Our Heavy-Duty Ball Joints are made with 4340 steel and coated with black oxide. That makes them stronger and more reliable than stock. If you want to get a little wild, this is the right ball joint for you.

Standard-Duty Ball Joint
Need a rock-solid replacement for your OEM ball joints? You’ve found it. Our Standard-Duty Ball Joints are stronger than stock thanks to a thicker stud.

  • Unique bend design adds 1.5” of ground clearance
  • 1.25” tubing is larger than stock
  • Includes high-quality UHMW bushings at no extra cost
  • UV-resistant powder coat finish
  • Easy to install
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Polaris RZR XP : 2024+
  • Polaris RZR XP 4 : 2024+