Thumper Fab Ranger 500 / 570 Mid-Size Half Doors (Single Cab)


Thumper Fab

  • $ 799.00

SKU: TF101701.F

Thumper Fab Polaris Ranger Half Doors for the 500 / 570 Mid-Size are constructed from solid steel from top to bottom. Rubber trim around all edges provides a rattle free seal and dual latching handles promise solid door closing every time.

These are easily bolted-on to your Polaris Ranger 500 / 570 Mid-Size and add great style and protection from trail debris. The Thumper Fab Half Doors are one of the best safety features you can add you your Ranger to make sure you and your passengers are protected while riding. Keep what you want inside and what you don’t OUT! Manufactured in the USA! 

Standard Benefits:

CNC Laser Cut & Formed US Steel for precision fitment

Automotive style double latch for safe and secure closing

Welded steel latch pins for long term durability

Extreme Duty 3 stage powder coating

Made in the USA

Shared Shipping of $140 to the Lower 48