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Complete Stereo in car communications with Trax Stereo Ultra Comfort Headsets. Check out our mounting solutions to simplify install in most UTV's!

The Trax package is designed to keep you in communication with your passengers while enjoying music and adds a two-way radio to stay in touch with the entire group. 

Don't forget to check out our mounting solutions to simplify installation in most UTVs!

Please note your existing 4 conductor headsets and helmets will not connect to the 5 conductor Trax Stereo Cables. You can purchase an adapter, but your mono headset or helmet will still be mono with the adapter. For the complete Trax stereo experience, purchase a Trax Stereo headsetTrax Stereo pre-wired helmet or Trax Stereo helmet wiring kit.

What comes in the box:

  • TRAX Plus Stereo Bluetooth Intercom. Two 12ft Headset/Helmet Cables with quick disconnect nexus mil spec connections. 4 seat adds two 16ft cables for the rear seats. Optional upgrade to DSP - See upgrade tab.
  • Icom F5021 Mobile Radio. 50 watt, VHF, Alphanumeric Display, 128 channels pre-programmed with our stock desert list. Add notes to your order if you would like any special frequencies added.
  • Antenna and Coax. 17ft Hole Mount Coax and No Ground Plane Antenna.
  • Push to Talk Buttons. One Velcro and one panel mount.

    The Trax Stereo Intercom system is designed for UTV's, Sand Cars, Prerunners and Boats that demand the best in sound quality. This innovative intercom boasts crystal clear communications with a digitally controlled VOX system. Equipped with dual audio amplifiers, and increased RF Filtering, this intercom will change the way you hear your passengers and music!

    • Bluetooth with Volume Control- Pair your Cell phone or Bluetooth capable music device player for wireless music and phone calls.  Listen to your music without connecting any wires or have a cell phone conversation without ever connecting your phone to your intercom system. Great for hands free driving! Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to play or pause while music is playing, or answer incoming phone calls! Now with pause, play, and music skip control!
    • Available with DSP - "Digital Signal Processing" electronically removes all noise from the intercom system except your voice. This is a MUST have for vehicles without a windshield, headsets, V8 cars, or loud exhaust. Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to turn on DSP when you need it, and turn it off when you don't.

      We recommend upgrading to the Kenwood TK-7360 Mobile Radio (Click checkbox in product options or add the Kenwood TK-7360 Upgrade to your cart). With exceptional RF noise filtering, the Kenwood is a must for UTV's with dual stators like the CanAm and RZR Turbo S. The Kenwood also requires less power to transmit at full strength, ideal for vehicles with smaller batteries or vehicles with a lot of aftermarket accessories. Don't forget to get a Kenwood compatible mounting bracket!

      The Trax System comes standard with our Over The Head style headsets. They feature full range, high fidelity speakers, gel ear seals and cloth ear covers.

      Headset Upgrade Options:

      • Behind the Head - All the same features and components of the Over The Head, with a different wear style. The rigid bar is across the back of the head. We often recommend BTH for high speed boats as the soft velcro top strap is more aerodynamic.

      Instructions: Click here

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