TVM Pro R/Turbo R 25% Gear Reduction

Hymark Performance

  • $ 4,599.00

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  • Turbo R 2 and 4 seat
  • Pro R 2 and 4 seat


  • 25% Gear Reduction
  • Reduces you gear ratio by 25% for rock crawling, quicker acceleration, and larger tires
  • Reduces drive train stress on axles, front diff, and transmission by 25%
  • Forged Steel Construction
  • Twice as Strong as a Dual Idler Portal (4 teeth engagement vs 2 teeth)
  • Zero Lift
  • Increases Wheel Base by 3/8" Front and Rear
  • Increases Width by 2" Per Side.
  • Decreased Width Compared to Portal Gear Reduction (2"/side)
  • Steers Easier Than Portal Gear Reductions
  • Easy Installation 
  • Bolts on to the wheel hubs in about 3-6 hours

TVM (Torque Vector Multiplier) 25% Gear Reduction for Polaris Pro R and Turbo R 5 lug machines. Run up to 42" tires with the same gear ratio as the stock machine! Our Pro R  is running 39" tires with no problem! Run 32", 33", 35", 36", 37", and 39" tires on your Polaris with our 25% gear reduction TVMs and wave goodbye to burnt belts forever! 

TVMs bolt on in place of the stock Polaris unitized bearing hubs. Ride width is increased by 2" on each side for a total width increase of 4". This is half of what a typical portal lift is and does not make your steering unmanageable like a portal lift. TVMs add zero lift to your machine. Wheel base is increased by 3/8" front and rear.

TVMs can be installed in your driveway with simple hand tools in an afternoon. Professional installation is available at Pro UTV Parts.

Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser except for wear items.

Free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Installation Instructions


 ecs 12-23-23