Universal ePowersteering Kits (power steering on steroids)

Universal ePowersteering Kits (power steering on steroids)

Epower Steering

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Doubles your power steering power!

Take your steering from 350 watts to 700 watts (double your power)! Tired of your wimpy stock steering tripping and leaving you without any power steering? Epower Steering doubles your power and and keeps steering feedback to a minimum with large tires and offset wheels.


  • Double your power steering power in rocks!
  • Eliminate steering trips resulting in downtime while your system is reset!
  • Eliminate week steering forever!
  • Reduce steering feedback!
  • Run bigger tires!
  • Use with SuperATV portal lifts
  • Run wide offset wheels!
  • Infinitely adjustable from low to high power



  • EPS Controller
  • Adjustment Knob
  • Power Electric Plug
  • 50/60 Amp Fuse and Fuse Holder
  • Rebuilt EPS Unit
  • Seperate ECU
  • Output U-Joint to 3/4″ ID
  • Input Shaft Modification to 3/4″ – 36 Spline

    Your stock Power steering unit is rated at approximately 350 watts or less! Epowersteering is rated at 700 watts and draws 60 amps at full steering lock. UTV stators are rated at about 60 amps. Combine this with lights and accessories and the potential for a dead battery is there. Select the optional dual battery kit to reduce the risk of draining your battery. 

    Operational Notes:

    The lowest setting on this unit is more powerful than stock. Run on low power to conserve battery drain until more power is needed. Crank up the power when needed for a full 700 watts to double your power steering power!


    1. Works best with updated higher power stator or dual batteries.

    2. May drain your battery without a dual battery system or upgraded stator.

    3. Can pull up to 60 amps in extreme situations.

    4. Pulls no extra power when driving straight.

    5. Requires welding for installation of new steering u-joints.