UTV Windshield Fast Strap - by EMP


EMP - Extreme Metal Products

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UTV Windshield Fast Strap

  • Fits: 1-1/2" - 2" Tubing.
  • Sold per strap.
  • Replaces most manufacturers attaching straps.
  • Made from UV protected Rubber.
  • Will not rust or rattle.
  • Includes: Black hardware.
  • Patent Pending- soon to have a Patent Number.
  • Easily remove your windshield in seconds without tools.
  • Allows you to remove your windshield so you can trailer your machine.
  • Designed for UTV / SxS windshields.
  • Also works great for license plates.
  • Attach your windshield to your ROPS with this rubber fast strap. Simply wrap around your cage and hook back to the strap itself. Now, one size fits all up to 2" diameter.

Sold to other manufactures in bulk. Call for pricing.

Warning/Caution: These are designed for attaching windshields and license plate to UTV Roll Cages/ROPS only. Serious injury or death could result if these are used for other purposes. Windshields should be removed when on a trailer over 50 MPH. Serious injury or death could result if not removed at faster speeds.

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