Valor ALPHA Tires on V06 Wheels

Valor Offroad

  • $ 2,532.00

This custom UTV wheel and tire kit features one of the hottest Polaris beadlock UTV wheels in the industry, the Valor Offroad V06. Developed exclusively for the Polaris 5-lug platform, the V06 adds style and performance without sacrificing weight.

For this kit, the Valor V06 beadlock wheel is mounted on a revolutionary new UTV tire, the Alpha by Valor Offroad. This incredible tire is developed, engineered, tested and manufactured in the United States. 

Kit Includes

4-Valor Offroad V06 UTV Beadlock Wheels

4-Valor Offroad Alpha Tires

4-Professional Mounting on all wheels and tire combos

Wheel: 15x8, 6+2 Offset, Gloss Black, 5x4.5 Lug Pattern

4x) V06 UTV Beadlocks (15x8; 6+2; 5x4.5; Gloss Black) | 4x) Alpha Tires (32x10 R15) | Professional Mounted

Lug Nuts sold separately

Fitment: Pro R, Turbo R, Xpedition