XTC SIX12 UTV Side Mirrors with Amber Light and Rigid Front Light


  • $ 759.99
  • Save $ 40


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XTC’s got your SIX and your 12, with the SIX12 Billet Side Mirrors offering almost 6k lumens of night punching power and Rigid Industries amber backlighting that can be used with any XTC Power Products Turn Signal System.

New SIX12 Side Mirrors come with an amber backlight that can be used as an accent running light or connected to any XTC Turn Signal System to be used as a turn signal indicator.

The driving lights are a custom assembly direct from Rigid Industries featuring a high output light exclusively for XTC. The Broad/Spot Optic provides an evenly distributed pattern of light that’s powerful enough to use as a standalone light yet pairs amazingly with any forward-facing light bar or set of spotlights for the perfect amount of nighttime offroad light coverage.

A Plug and Play wiring harness is included with a custom XTC Mirror Lights Rocker Switch that activates the main lights. The set comes with AXIA Alloys cage clamps that allow for a sleek install with maximum grip.

Light Specs:



  • 1.7 Amp Draw @ 14 Vdc
  • 24 Watts
  • 2880 Raw Lumens ea.
  • Broad Spot Pattern
  • Amber Backlit LEDs
  • IP68 Complaint
  • For Offroad Use Only